Methods of Treatment

Web pest services specialize in integrated pest management (IPM), an approach to pest control that combines all methods of preventing pests in given environment, in our IPM programs, pesticides are only used when necessary to achieve acceptable levels of control with least possible harm to humans, non - target organism and environment.

IPM methods may be biological, such as employing growth regulators or parasites, mechanical, using traps or other exclusion techniques or even cultural, such as focusing on better sanitation to prevent conductive conditions

The key to Web Pest Services success is the process we use to determine the most appropriate IPM program and treatment and monitoring strategy for each facility. Web Pest Services technicians follow a seven step process for each and every client.

The following steps are:
  1. Inspection
  2. Facility Layout Analysis
  3. Pest identification
  4. Customized program
  5. Sanitation Consultation
  6. Treatment Strategies
  7. Ongoing Monitoring and Maintenance


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